Camp Rules


  1. Participate in all activities unless the Camp Nurse says you can’t.
  2. Stay on the campgrounds for the duration of camp. No one will be allowed to leave camp then return to finish that week of camp, for any sporting event, concert, etc.
  3. After lights out, stay in the dorms until morning. Campers should not leave the dorm without permission from a dorm counselor.
  4. Turn in all medications to the Camp Nurse when you arrive (Even sponsors) The Camp Nurse must dispense all medications. Report all illnesses and injuries to the Camp Nurse immediately.
  5. Behave yourself—don’t use tobacco or intoxicants (legal or otherwise) while at camp. Don’t use profane language. No fighting.
  6. Dress in keeping with the highest Christian standards while at camp. Show modesty in your choice of clothing. No cult or occult symbols. No two-piece swimsuits or shirts that bare your middle. No spachetti strap shirts, no showing under garments, and no mid-drifts showing at anytime. These guidelines are to be abided by the sponsors as well.
  7. Wear proper footwear. This will help you avoid snakebites and other foolish injuries. Minors must wear fully enclosed shoes at all times except to the pool or in the shower. This is for your protection and to prevent injury. It is recommended that the adults conform to the same standards.
  8. Don’t bring roller blades, roller skates, skate boards, CD players, Game Boys, scooters, cell phones, or other electronic devices to camp. Heeley shoes must keep wheels up and do not use them during camp.
  9. Don’t bring lighters, explosives, or weapons of any kind to camp.
  10. Don’t climb over the pool fence. When the pool is open the lifeguard has the authority to have uncooperative persons leave the swimming pool area. Sponsors are not permitted to swim with the campers.
  11. Visitors are welcome at camp. However, all visitors must register their visit with the Camp Manager or Nurse, and must agree to abide by the camp rules.

Any camper who is unwilling to abide by these camp rules may be sent home.

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